Tax Relief

Tax relief of up to 40% may be available to you or your relatives which can substantially reduce the cost of care. Relief may be claimed by the person(s) paying for care at their marginal rate of tax (20% or 40%).If the cost of home care is being paid for by more than one person it is possible to divide the tax relief between the contributors. Tax relief can also be claimed as part of 'tax credits' which allows the benefit to be received as part of either your weekly or monthly salary. Care at Home can assist our client’s in claiming this relief.

How do I claim Tax Relief?

The form HK1 'Claim for an allowance for employing a Carer/Personal required. This form is attached to the IT47 'Employed person taking care of an Incapacitated Individual' form which is sent to the Inspector of Taxes in your local area. The IT47 form allows you to claim a tax allowance if you are caring for a spouse or relative. You can find more information on form IT47 on the website. If you wish, we can assist you complete these forms - contact us.

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