Companionship & Recreational Activities

Social interaction is an important aspect of staying healthy. The company of others will positively impact on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing as we age. At Care at Home carers are closely matched to clients and make great companions, engaging in conversations about current affairs and past events, accompanying clients to outings and engaging in a wide range of activities .When a carer is in regular contact with a client, they are well placed to recognise subtle changes in mood and memory that may indicate a developing problem. They will also be aware of physical changes for example deterioration in mobility, weight loss, fatigue and changes in skin integrity which may indicate an underlying health issue.

Light Housework and Laundry

Managing everyday household tasks can become more difficult as we get older and the time may come when we can use a little help. Our carers are happy to perform household tasks such as hoovering, dusting, making beds, washing and ironing and general tidy up of living areas.

Grocery Shopping

Reduced mobility and inability to drive can make grocery shopping a difficult or impossible task. A healthy eating lifestyle with nutritious meals is important in maintaining good health and regular shopping is necessary to support this. Our carers will assist clients in making shopping lists and collecting groceries from their chosen stores.

Meal preparation

At Care at Home we understand the importance of good nutrition in supporting a healthy lifestyle. Our carers can assist with planning, preparing and cooking nutritious meals for our clients. Where required, we can provide mealtime feeding assistance and monitor a clients food and fluid intake to ensure nutritional requirements are met.

Medication Reminders

Forgetting to take prescribed medication can happen to anyone but is particularly problematic for those clients with declining memory. Our carers will assist clients with medication reminders, ensuring prescribed medication is taken at the correct time and that this is documented.

Personal Care/ Mobility assistance

Our carers are trained to provide assistance with personal hygiene and dressing. This includes bathing and showering, dressing, hair and skin care, oral hygiene and continence care. For clients with limited mobility, carers provide ambulation assistance through supervision, physical support and where indicated the use of mechanical devices. All our carers are trained in safe manual handling techniques and our qualified manual handling advisor can conduct onsite assessments where indicated to advise carers on safest practices.

Early Dementia & Alzheimers care

Our carers are experienced and trained in the specific need of clients with dementia and are experienced in managing the behavioural and memory changes that accompany this condition. Our registered nurse will devise a care plan appropriate to the client based on their individual needs and in consideration of the stage and type of dementia. This provides the carer with clear instruction as to how best to care for the client and maximise their quality of life.

Live in care

We can provide 24/7 live-in care as an alternative to nursing home care. This allows clients to remain in the comfort of their own home whilst ensuring all their care needs are met. A specific care plan is created for each client by a registered nurse who will closely manage the care delivered. The care plan will reflect all the individual needs of the client and will provide clear guidance for the care team. The nurse will carry out regular visits to update the care plan and ensure client satisfaction with the service.

Palliative Care

Many people with terminal illness choose to live out their days in the familiar surroundings of their own home. Our registered nurse and carers are experienced in caring for clients at the end of their life. We work in partnership with families, GPs, public health nurses and the hospice home care team in ensuring compassionate and dignified care to the very end.